Discover the timeless beauty and superior quality of our exquisite marble selections.


Unearth the warm and inviting allure of Ottoman Beige marble. Its rich tones and subtle patterns make it a perfect choice for creating spaces that exude sophistication and comfort.

Ottoman Beige Marble is from our own quarries which are located in Saklıkent / Antalya. Monthly volume of 4000 tons of block production gives us power to provide our customers best blocks and also cut to size materials from our own factory 12 months of the year. Ottoman Beige has homogeneous selection which suits for big and premium projects. As Imsa Marble we can provide big volumes of orders from our factory. Our recommended surface treatment for the Ottoman Beige is Polished, Honed and Brushed which suits the best to the surface.


Embrace the natural charm of Limestone. With its unique textures and neutral hues, Limestone marble adds a touch of organic elegance to any environment, making it an ideal choice for both classic and modern designs..

Our Limestone is from our own quarry which is located in Demre Antalya, the area is surrounded by many other Limestone quarries and known by it. Our selection has really white background and it is perfect match for the exterior cladding. It has all the tests from the laboratory for the hot and cold weather. It has enough durability for really cold and hot weather such as it is suitable for -40 +40 degrees.


Experience the epitome of luxury with Myra marble. Its striking veins and bold patterns make a statement, transforming spaces into works of art. Myra marble is the perfect choice for those seeking to elevate their interiors with a touch of opulence.

Myra is our new selection from our Demre Limestone Qaurry and we established production line which is providing the ultimate quality of Myra cut to size materials. We have filling and polishing line and giving you the best Polished and Honed surface from our Antalya Factory.