Established in 1986, İmsa Marble has built its reputation in the regions of Antalya, Burdur, and Isparta, specializing in the art of marble quarrying and trading.

Our global footprint is evident through our exports of Ottoman Beige and Limestone to countries such as China, the USA, and India. Additionally, our commitment to diversifying our offerings is reflected in our ongoing quarry operations for different marble selections.

As we step into 2023, İmsa Marble proudly continues its sales both domestically and abroad. Our production line, infused with the latest technology, ensures the finest block and sized marble for our clients.

At İmsa Marble, our ethos revolves around putting “people and the environment first“. We relentlessly prioritize customer satisfaction and unparalleled quality. It’s with these guiding principles that we’ve carved out a distinguished position in the Turkish marble sector, standing tall with our expansive quarries and state-of-the-art factory.