About Us


İMSA MARBLE, founded in 1986, is one of the leading company in the marble sector that offers high quality products to hundreds of projects realized in lots of countries with its organizational structure, production technology, young and dynamic management team.

IMSA MARBLE is a family company that dealt with construction, excavation, import and export business in the first years of its establishment, entered the marble sector by starting more investments in the field of mining in 2008, became institutionalized without losing the enthusiasm of the amateur spirit. IMSA MARBLE is a firm that does not forget the virtue of being a tradesman while taking sure steps in the international market and reaches rational goals in the domestic market. Also İMSA MARBLE is an international R & D company that finds the most accurate marble deposits and has become a brand with the efficiency and rising sales graph of the working quarries.

İMSA MARBLE which has more than 40 marble quarry licenses in Antalya, Burdur, Isparta and Mugla regions, produces raw block marble in its own quarries which is situated in Saklıkent in Antalya region. İMSA MARBLE also produces “slab marble” and “cut-to-size marble” in its own factory in Antalya Organized Industrial Zone and increases its production capacity every year by making by investment and purchasing new machines.

14 of these 40 mining licenses were granted operation permits. Some of these licenses are operated by our company and some are operated by our tenants.

3 Ottoman Beige marble quarries in Isparta
3 new Ottoman marble quarries in Antalya
1 Beige marble quarry in Burdur
3 Gray marble quarry in Antalya and Burdur

1 Limestone quarry
2 Manganese mines
1 Chromium mine


By contributing to the economy of the country, to make customer satisfaction-oriented and quality production, to be a company open to investment, innovation and developments.


We accept moral values as indispensable in business and commercial life, and plan our investments and productions with the understanding of “HUMAN FIRST, ENVIRONMENT FIRST”.

Occupational health and safety, environmental awareness, savings and quality are our indispensable principles.


Since the day we were founded, within the framework of social responsibility understanding, we attach the highest importance to human and environment, and adopt the principle of modern management that invests in people and the environment.